Chemical brothers, sisters & siblings,

Hot off the back of their double Grammy win, it has today been announced that The Chemical Brothers will form a key part of a brand new exhibition at The Design Museum launching this coming April, exploring the hypnotic world of electronic music, from its origins to its futuristic dreams.

Experience the museum premiere of electronic pioneers The Chemical Brothers’ sensory spectacle by creative studio Smith & Lyall featuring mesmerizing visuals for the Grammy Award-winning track ‘Got to Keep On’.

Tickets are available at https://t.co/fnT4EdQn2v?amp=1

Evoking the experience of being in a club, the exhibition will transport you through the people, art, design, technology and photography that have been capturing and shaping the electronic music landscape.

An adaptation of the hugely popular exhibition from The Philharmonie de Paris, the London showcase will put a spotlight on UK electronic and rave culture. Featuring over 400 items, the exhibition is divided into four sections: Man and Woman Machine, Dancefloor, Mix and Remix, and Utopian Dreams and Ideals. The journey begins with a timeline of revolutionary instruments and the innovators who pioneered them, including Donald Buchla, Tadao Kikumoto for the Roland Corporation and Daphne Oram for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. As well as an 'imagined' music studio from electronic music innovator Jean-Michel Jarre, the Moog 55 synthesiser and the iconic TR-808.

Ages 12+ Please allow at least an hour and a half for your visit.

“Design is an essential element enhancing the experience of our live show. This new installation will give insight into how we work with Adam & Marcus (Smith & Lyall) on the visual aspect of our tours." - The Chemical Brothers

"Sound is only part of the story when it comes to this category of music: it has built communities on and offline, democratised music technology and provided a safe space for free expression.” - Gemma Curtin, Curator

"Our aim for the Chemical Brothers live show has always been to create a visual expression of the music and give the audience a visceral experience. We are excited to translate this to a Museum setting for the first time." Smith & Lyall, Show Directors and Designers for The Chemical Brothers

Stay tuned in for more news.

Got To Keep On,

Chemical HQ