For That Beautiful Feeling - The New Album Everywhere Now

Greetings chemical brothers, sisters & siblings,

The time has come…!  The Chemical Brothers’ 10th studio album For That Beautiful Feeling is now available everywhere!  



For That Beautiful Feeling features Halo Maud & Beck. Check out some of the first reviews:

“On their 10th album, The Chemical Brothers remain the best in the business.”

"The Chemical Brothers pick up up where 2019’s No Geography left off, with a nonsense-free reaffirmation of the dance duo’s greatest strength – making largely instrumental psychedelic house and techno somehow sound like pop music… That beautiful feeling must be pure pleasure.”
- The Observer

“One mighty magnificent trip”
- Mojo

“Irresistible euphoria… sounds like it’s blazing out of a festival speaker stack”
- Uncut

“Their best and most contemporary work since ‘Surrender’”
- Mixmag

“Nearly 30 years on from Exit Planet Dust, it's remarkable how commanding Rowlands and Simons remain. Given that their live show is still the best immersive visual spectacle in any genre, they could easily do a Kraftwerk and just settle for great concerts. Instead, they're still making God-tier bangers. That feels kinda beautiful.”
- Classic Pop

“Transcendental, life affirming and exhilarating, 'For That Beautiful Feeling' is pure unadulterated sensory overload”
- Clash

“What an album. What a group.”
- Music OMH

'For That Beautiful Feeling' track listing:

1. Intro
2. Live Again (feat. Halo Maud)
3. No Reason
4. Goodbye
5. Fountains
6. Magic Wand
7. The Weight
8. Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)
9. The Darkness That You Fear (Harvest Mix)
10. Feels Like I’m Dreaming
11. For That Beautiful Feeling (feat. Halo Maud)

More news soon from Chemical HQ.

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